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Our First Veg Box

Welcome to the first of our Field 28 vegetable and salad boxes. We have grown and sourced some fabulous fresh produce for you to enjoy. All of the produce is either home grown at our farm in Daresbury Cheshire or sourced from accredited organic farms dependent on seasonal availability.

The potatoes in both the medium and large boxes are the organic Triplo variety. The skin is smooth and yellow whilst the flesh itself of a pale yellow. It is a fabulous tasting variety which is slightly floury on cooking making it excellent for chip and roasting as well as gnocchi.

Pak Choi (known as Bok Choi in America) is part of both box sizes. We grow it here in Daresbury. The white canton plants are high quality and taste wonderful gently steamed then drizzled with a little soy or oyster sauce.

One of our specialist indoor grown crops is the Gourmet Salad Mix.

The micro-salads have been sown, tended and harvested by Jan for you to enjoy. They contain a little taste of many of our indoor varieties of herb, salad leaf and also includes an assortment of edible flowers. All you have to do is give the gentlest of rinses and its ready to eat. This is salad as you may not have tasted before.

We have also added a bag of our field grown mixed leaf salad, which is an interesting mix of mizuna, red frills, gold streaks, red Russian kale, tatsoi.

The boxes contain our own large sweet version of spring onions. You can enjoy the sweetness of this onion raw as I like it in a simple cheese and onion sandwich, or it also cooks very well.

In the large box you have organic carrots that taste like carrots should taste and in the medium box there sits a bunch of Tokyo turnips. Despite the name they are grown at home. We harvest them when they are the size of radishes and are not to be confused with normal turnips.

They have a crunchy, juicy bitter-sweet flavour eaten raw. Steamed or gently sautéed I butter, it is buttery-sweet and delicate.

ON site we have a tunnel packed with heritage varieties of tomatoes. This early in the season we rely on our friend son the Isle of White to provide delicious sweet baby plum tomatoes in red and yellow. For the best flavour, remember not to refrigerate.

Our small box has a bunch of French breakfast radishes. So called due to them being the mid-morning snack eat by French market traders when they are eaten with salt and butter. In the large box there is an organic Dutch cucumber

In addition, the large box has a healthy portion of organic broccoli and a celeriac. For those unsure how to use celeriac ( also known as celery root so avoid if you suffer from a celery allergy.) you can either substitute it for potatoes and create a healthier mash or use it raw in salads… look out for recipes for celeriac remoulade from Tom Kerridge and Mary Berry!


Bedlam organic farm grown British Asparagus is a real stand out for its tenderness and flavour.

" I cant think of a better Sunday morning breakfast than a free range eggs oozing a bright yellow yolk over a bed of asparagus which has been seasoned, drizzled with olive oil and griddled for 1-2 minutes until the asparagus has a slight bend when lifted out of the pan. As an alternative use the asparagus cold by removing any tough outer skin then create thin strips using a vegetable peeler and add a little oil, salt and pepper and enjoy!!!!"


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